AAR Health Care Kenya Limited

AAR Healthcare is currently one of the largest providers of outpatient healthcare services in East Africa, with a network of 33 clinics across the region and serving over 500,000 clients annually from across the social divide. We are in the process of expanding our outpatient network, enhancing our specialist consultation and acquiring inpatient facilities across the region to provide better and more specialized care for all our clients.

At AAR Healthcare we employ experienced medical and management staff, and use internationally approved disease management protocols and drug formulary supported by the state of the art information technology systems to provide consistent treatment of our clients from anywhere in Eastern Africa.

We differ significantly from other providers in Eastern Africa, not only because of its comprehensive value chain, which can successfully treat those who are unwell, but because we have a strong focus on clinical risk management and provision of preventive care. This ensures that our clients receive the most cost effective access to healthcare on a sustainable basis.

AAR Credit Services Limited


Through AAR Credit Services, our members have a facility that finances their premiums and allows them to conveniently pay their annual membership fees and other personalized loans.

Through this service, we go the extra mile by adding value to our members by easing their cash flow and allowing them to upgrade and retain their membership. The credit service is currently available to our members in Kenya and Uganda.

Other services offered by AAR Credit include:-

  • Insurance Premium Finance - A quick and simplified process that allows you to pay in up to 10 easy monthly installments
  • Asset Finance - Quick and easy loans for purchase of computers, laptops, printers, tablets and even mobile phones from major vendors.
  • Logbook Loans - You can use your logbook to obtain quick and easy loans. We also finance purchase of new motor cycles.
  • SME Loans - Loans provided to SMEs that have a good credit record.
  • Payroll Check-Off Loans - These are loans available to employees of enterprises that have signed an Agreement for staff loans with AAR Credit Services. Repayments are done through monthly payroll deduction.
  • Invoice Discounting - This product is currently available to milk farmers contracted by New KCC. The farmers are able to access quick and easy loans against milk supplied to New KCC.
  • Instant Loans - These are loans to employees whose employers have signed up the Instant loans Agreement with AAR Credit Services
  • Postbank Loans - Fully automated loan application process available to Postbank savers. Visit any of the Postbank branches countrywide

AAR Holdings Limited

AAR is a conglomeration of seven distinct but complementary companies whose synergies have given us a competitive edge in the market guaranteeing our customers of international health insurance standards in East Africa. Unlike other health insurance companies in the region, we offer comprehensive value chain .We are the only health insurance company that focuses on clinical risk management and provision of preventive care. This strategy ensures that our members receive the most cost-effective access to healthcare on a sustainable basis.

Our medical facilities are some of the best in the region, equipped with advanced medical equipment and manned by experienced and qualified medical and management staff. We use internationally approved disease management protocols and drug formulary, supported by state-of-the-art information technology systems to provide consistent treatment of our members all over Eastern Africa.

AAR Beckmann Trust


Leveraging on AAR’s expertise in health delivery, and combining it with the Beckmann family’s commitment towards health around the world, the AAR Beckmann Trust brings programmes that provide hands-on opportunities for East African communities to improve their environment, and engage in income-generating and sustainable activities to attain access to health.

Trees For Health Project: Planting Trees With A Purpose

When on their regular school medical camps in across the region, AAR Medical teams identified that majority of the children requiring medical intervention were suffering from anaemia and malnourishment, typical consequences of severe parasitical infestation. AAR took up the challenge to set up a programme that would free them from this impediment, provide a healthier school environment as well as prevent environmental degradation that was being caused by wanton cutting of trees to cater for the schools’ firewood needs. Thus in 2010 the AAR Beckmann Trust’s ‘Trees for Health’ programme was born.

The ‘Trees for Health’ programme combines the health of the environment with children’s health, and directly involves schools, communities, teachers and children in the tree- planting and de-worming process, from hole preparation to care and management of the tree, thus building an environmentally- conscious generation.

Planting trees on school grounds make schools independent for their ever growing energy needs. At the same time school become conscious about creating a healthy environment and about how this benefits a revival of a healthier ecosystem which impacts on children’s health.

Reducing the impact of worm infestation; Worms, especially hookworm infestation, is a life-threatening neglected disease and a leading cause of maternal and child morbidity in developing countries. Children often suffer the most from poor health and malnutrition) and are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of worm infestation and usually manifests itself through intellectual, cognitive and growth retardation. Lack of food, malnutrition and poor hygiene compromise immunity and create a vicious cycle of poverty. Regular de-worming contributes to good health and nutrition for school-age children, which in turn leads to increased enrolment and attendance, reduced class repetition, and increased educational attainment.

‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’- Impacting Postively On The Community
Since the Trees for Health project began, over 150 schools across the region have come on board, 50,000 children have been regularly de-wormed and over 30,000 trees have been planted on school grounds alone. School children take direct responsibility for preparing the tree holes, planting the seedlings and caring for them until they mature. Those schools are now producing their own source of energy and invest saved firewood money in improving the health and therefore academic performance of their students. All this has a wider ripple positive effect on the communities where the schools are situated.

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