With close to 200,000 members in East Africa today, we are the preferred health insurance provider for both the public and private sectors across the country and the East African region today. In our everyday business, and guided by our vision, mission and values, AAR Insurance seeks to be the most trusted insurance company for Africa that our clients will truly believe in. We are wholly committed to developing a business environment that is client focussed: one that will protect and propel the success of Africa’s people.

Our People

We pride ourselves in being a great company to work for, and today we have a staff base of over 120 employees who are passionate in our cause of protecting Africa’s future and creating positive change to society. Through our Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP), we are all involved in various community engagement programmes to improve the wellbeing of the communities around us.

Our Promise to You

Our customers are of utmost priority to us, and we are committed to providing our clients flexible and efficient service. We are responsive and empathetic to their needs, and we always keep the highest professional standards and embrace ethics in our processes.

Our flexible and simple insurance solutions take away all the doubts and fears in life so you can live life in control of it.

Our sophisticated underwriting systems allow us to calculate premiums according to your unique needs and risk profile. We have in place robust systems to reduce the incidence of fraud and minimize the

At AAR Insurance, we are very proud of our reputation for quality service.

Our Customer Service Charter outlines our full commitment to providing excellence across every interaction you have with us, and sets out the standards for quality, timely and accurate services for all customers to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us.

Through our 24hour call centre, we provide quality service and professional assistance for all your needs.

Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to the core principles of accountability and transparency through sound business practices and compliance with the Insurance Act and the governing rules of the land. We aim to make a positive and significant impact not only to our business but to the productivity and growth of the insurance sector.

Our Commitment to Society

As the world is looking for solutions on how to address many overwhelming challenges in health and sustainability, AAR, through the AAR Beckmann Trust is committed to overcoming these challenges in Eastern Africa and beyond.

This commitment is anchored on a sound corporate social responsible platform which involves concern for the consequences of AAR’s business behaviour as this affects the social, economic and environmental interests of others: so as to produce a positive sustainable impact for the business and society in general.

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Bottom - up approach
  • Participatory learning
  • Transparency and accountability in all actions
  • Working in coordination with partner organizations

Corporate Responsibility: are AAR’s core value concept since its inception, and the concept of corporate social responsibility means running a business which is run ethically and in a sustainable manner. 

Corporate Governance: running a business which incorporates the principles of accountability, transparency and integrity starts from board level. From the onset, company governance at AAR starts from having ethical people directing and managing the company.

Social impacts starts at home: no business is sustainable if it is not providing positively towards workplace welfare. From the onset AAR has ran an ethical business ensuring workplace conditions promote, maintain and respect human rights in all its aspects by providing a conducive atmosphere by having proper policies and practices relating to work performed within it, by it or on its behalf.

Environmental stewardship & corporate social investment: AAR brings programmes that provide hands-on opportunities for East African communities to improve human health conditions through better environment and sanitation, and engage in income-generating and sustainable activities to attain access to health.

Employee Voluntary Programme: AAR staff members, starting from the CEO right across the staff strata, are a focal part of community engagement. Employees are encouraged to give back to the outside community or to the less fortunate of the community, outside office hours on a voluntary basis throughout the year.

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