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customer relationship

AAR Insurance Tanzania Limited has earned customer loyalty and trust through dedication to quality customer service, efficient claims settlement; with a wide panel of service providers and leadership in product development. We therefore go beyond simply providing insurance solutions that suit your different needs.

We offer competitive insurance coverage that meets your personal or business needs and will not stop at anything but firm believe in customer satisfaction out of our relationship with you. Please share your feedback on meeting our promises as summarized in below service charter.


  • 24hr Call Centre dedicated to assisting our customers around the clock.
  • Managed by qualified medical officers.
  • Turn Around time is 5 Minutes maximum.

  • AAR’s focus is on Customer Service and doing it right the first time
  • We have a dedicated Customer Care team whose focus is to understand and meet the needs of our customers.
  • Customer Services is Guided by Customer Services Charter.
  • An SLA shall also be put in place, Account Manager shall be placed leading the special team to  Manage the account.


Empowerment, Flexibility, Efficiency Ethics and Legacy

  1. We will issue membership cards within 7 days upon receipt of all requisite documents.
  2. We will issue policy documents within 14 days upon receipt of all requisite documents.
  3. We will settle claims within 30 days of receipt of all required claims documents.
  4. We will honour our contractual commitments and obligations as outlined in the policy and this charter does not in any way override existing terms of the contract.
  5. We will approve, upon notification scheduled hospital admission at least 48 hours before such admission and in the event of an emergency, not later than 24 hours after admission to hospital.
  6. We will acknowledge customer complaints immediately and respond to issues raised within 24 hours and where more time is required, we will advise accordingly.
  7. We will handle complaints or feedback in a courteous, honest, fair, polite and professional manner. Our staffs will treat customers with respect and professionalism and trust that they will extend the same.
  8. We will honour appointments and advice in case of any changes 24 hours before such meetings.
  9. We will hold every customer's contacts in our database so as to be able to communicate effectively with them. Kindly update AAR in case of change in any personal contracts.
  10. We will maintain a customer service desk to handle any deviation to the standards set out in this charter.
  11. We will send out policy renewal notices to our customers at least 30 days prior to renewal date.

  • Claims are settled directly with the accredited providers.
  • Cash Reimbursement is done in areas where there is no AIT accredited providers and these must be kept at a minimum 

  • Claim form, Proof of payment, Medical report (if any) to be submitted
  • Claims must be submitted to AIT within 30 days after service delivery
  • Where AIT shall pay an amount less than the claim, a Discharge Voucher shall be issued for acceptance by the client before payment is made
  • Payment will be done within (7) working days after being received by AIT 

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