• Contact Centre (24/7): +255 784 107 700 / +255 022 550 8300    Emergency & Rescue: +255 758 456 996 / +255 745 522 218

Overseas Refferal Management


  • AIT shall provide referrals to India, Kenya or South Africa  for treatment not available in Tanzania (Non-Elective cases )
  • Through AIT Case management team, AIT shall identify the Medical facility overseas
  • All referral MUST Be pre-authorized by AIT
  • We shall arrange all logistics including visa and ambulance pick up at the airport of destination. Pay for the Tickets, In-hospital accommodation and treatment
  • On non-Emergency  cases evacuation is through commercial flights
  • For Elective cases, AIT will reimburse members reasonably and customarily ( Local cover rates)

As Tanzania Operations we usually handle more than 90 foreign referral outside Tanzania but in the AAR group we manage about  300 foreign referrals a year

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