AAR Healthcare is currently one of the largest providers of outpatient healthcare services in East Africa. Our extensive network of fully equipped outpatient health centres in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania serves over 500,000 clients annually from across the social divide.

At AAR Healthcare we employ experienced medical and management staff, and use internationally approved disease management protocols and drug formulary supported
by the state of the art information technology systems to provide consistent treatment of our clients from anywhere in Eastern Africa.

We differ significantly from other providers in Eastern Africa, not only because of its comprehensive value chain, which can successfully treat those who are unwell, but because we have a strong focus on clinical risk management and provision of
preventive care. This ensures that our clients receive the most cost effective access to healthcare on a sustainable basis.

AAR Credit Services provides financing and loan facilities to its members for payment of annual membership fees and other personalized loans. This service does not only benefit members directly by easing cash flow, but also allows them to upgrade and retain their membership. This credit service is currently available to members in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
Leveraging on AAR’s expertise in health delivery, and combining it with the AAR founders family’s commitment towards health around the world, the AAR Beckmann Trust brings programmes that provide hands-on opportunities for communities to improve their environment, and engage in income-generating and sustainable activities to attain access to health.

Activities include:

  • Deworming exercises in schools
  • Tree planting drives
  • Health camps in communities with little or no access to medical
  • Onsite medical camps at client premises for the general public

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