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Preferred employer
Our business leadership in the healthcare industry in the East African region is anchored on the competitiveness and competencies of our human resource. This is why we acquire, develop and retain motivated teams and offer very competitive remuneration packages, in addition to adopting world class HR practises in order to sustain AAR’s growth.  The talented and dedicated men and women we employ consistently deliver quality service tailored to exceed the expectations of our customers.
We are committed to being the employer of choice in the healthcare industry in Africa and currently employ 730 members of staff throughout Eastern Africa.

Our ambition at AAR is to be a sound, long-term  partner by providing healthcare solutions to both corporates and individuals from different sectors and walks of life respectively. To achieve this ambition, we rely on people who are empowered, focused on customer service, champions of operational excellence and experts in their respective fields – ranging from medical professionals, management specialists, proficient IT personnel, to support staff.

Work environment
We pride ourselves in the conducive work environment we provide our employees. At AAR, we believe that we can achieve our goals  if all our employees are motivated and engaged. We place great importance and value on professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, team spirit and integrity.  These inform the dynamics of our work environment.
The culture at AAR is a relaxed one and everybody within the organisation is approachable. We are a family joined together by a common goal and interest and individuals are given the recognition they deserve irrespective of their roles and positions within the company.

We care
The wellbeing of our staff is not taken for granted, hence we are keen on supporting employee efforts to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  We have various approaches, besides the benefits such as medical cover etc, to uphold staff welfare. These include workplace recognition and incentive programmes such as the rewarding of exemplary staff members for their sterling performances.

Our managers are trained to be visionary and to drive our aspiration to be the provider of choice for innovative and quality healthcare solutions in Africa. AAR managers create working conditions that enable people to reconcile outstanding economic performance with customer satisfaction; in addition to coaching and mentoring employees to deliver their very best.

Career development
AAR employees have a clear vision of career development opportunities within their work units. We offer job mobility to our staff as a vital opportunity for them to gain experience and build expertise. We will always give priority to our staff to take up any opportunities that arise within the organisation before looking outside for recruitment.
AAR continuously trains its staff because we believe in their development to enable them deliver the company’s objectives and drive us towards our overall vision. This training is done at different levels, beginning at the induction stage in which new employees are deployed to various departments and divisions within AAR so that they can fully appreciate our business.
There is also a continuous coaching and mentoring programme, as well as structured internal training that is supplemented by external training where necessary.

Applying at AAR
Do you want to be part of the winning team at AAR?  We are an equal-opportunity employer and encourage interested individuals to join our workforce by sending their CVs and applying for any advertised posts if they meet the necessary requirements.
We also accept unsolicited CVs lodged through our website. These CVs will be subjected to a vetting process depending on the position applied for and if considered suitable, the CV will be received and deposited in our database for future reference in case an appropriate position arises.  All received CVs will be acknowledged, thanks to our e-recruitment system that has automated our HR function.

Click here to visit our e-recruitment Portal

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