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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of getting coverage depends on several factors such as age, and medical plan of choice. To get an estimate of the medical premium you would be expected to pay, we offer an online premium calculator which can provide a quick and easy quote based on your specific requirements. This can be accessed on our website or by contacting one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you in finding a plan that fits your budget and coverage needs.
Our flexible and friendly payment plans make it possible to settle your premium in instalments through financial credit services and bank IPF(Investment Project Financing).
Payments can be made by credit card at any of our payment points in our offices. We accept all major credit cards.
Our enhanced Medical Insurance Cover provides unique options for you and your family. They are:
      1. Platinum
      2. Gold Card
      3. Silver Plus
      4. Silver
      5. Bronze
      6. Cover Me
Get more details on the cover benefits here.
Cover benefits, convenience, affordability, customer service and value-added benefits are some of the things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Our covers offer customized solutions with comprehensive benefits and rewards. Some of the value-adds include:
      1. Cover for medical injuries resulting from political violence
      2. Local and international rescue and evacuation services
      3. Nutritional advice
      4. 24-hour call centre
      5. Health camps and health alerts
Our medical plans have maternity benefits with a waiting period of 1 year.
You must have inpatient cover for you to enjoy outpatient cover.
For Travel Insurance you can buy a short-term plan, however, medical insurance is long-term (1 year).
Yes, you can cover your baby as a dependent from birth right after discharge from the hospital.
You can take up cover for your family back home if they are based in Kenya. Simply complete a membership application online on https://buyonline.aar-insurance.com/medical/ or fill in the medical form available on the website. Attach passport size photographs, copies of ID and a medical report (where applicable). The main member of the family should be 18 years or older. Soft copies are also acceptable.
The duration of medical results is dependent on the test done and can vary from one to seven days. A list of our medical providers can be found here.
Yes. You will need to be a resident, not necessarily a citizen, of one of the countries in which we have offices to qualify for membership.
On renewal of your policy, you can upgrade your health plan and this will require a medical evaluation prior to acceptance.
Refunds are considered for individuals who cancel their membership within 30 days of the policy. Otherwise, members withdrawing from the policy are not eligible for a premium refund.
A pre-existing condition is a medical condition which you knew or ought reasonably to have known of and can be medically proven to have existed prior to becoming a member or renewing a policy.
You may be needed to pay under the following circumstances:
      1. Visiting a provider without an AAR referral note where one is required
      2. The condition being attended to may not be provided for under the AAR Medical Scheme
      3. Visiting a hospital that is not in our panel of providers
      4. When you have exhausted your benefit limits
      5. Where a visit fee or copayment is applicable
Medical cover has both dental and optical cover inbuilt within the outpatient and inpatient benefits.
Dental and optical benefits are both covered under the inpatient and outpatient services of the medical policy.
For complaints or feedback please contact us on: –
Telephone number: +254 703 063 000 / 0730633000
To learn more about the process of filing a complaint, click here.
Filing a claim is a breeze. You can either fill out a reimbursement form with the help of your Agent or Relationship Manager, or simply send an email to info@aar.co.ke. Remember, it’s important to make your claim within 30 days of seeking service to ensure a smooth and efficient process. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer support team is always here to help.
To file a claim you will need to fill out a reimbursement form, and provide receipts of the services and a medical report.
You should file a claim within 30 days from the time you sought the service.
Typically, it takes around 21 days to process a claim.
We shall update you throughout the claims process through text messages, to acknowledge the receipt of your claim, and again once the claim has been processed.
Yes you can track the claim process if you filed it through the AAR Insurance mobile app.
No need to worry. Filing a claim won’t impact your premium. Your cover benefits and premium will remain the same. They are only affected by a medical evaluation.
Your policy entitles you to coverage against accidents and Illnesses.
All the cover limits, exclusions, and general conditions have been clearly outlined in the policy document.
Yes, you can. To dispute a decision made on your clime, write to info@aar.co.ke.
Payments on claims and reimbursements are usually done through bank transfers.
We’re here to help. If you have any concerns about your claim, email us at info@aar.co.ke, call us on 0703 063 00 or chat to us live on our website or through WhatsApp on 0730 633 000.
M-TIBA is a platform that allows you to access your AAR Medical Cover through your mobile phone.
You can access M-TIBA on any phone through dialing *253#. M-TIBA helps you manage your medical cover but is not a medical cover itself.
Any AAR member qualifies to use M-TIBA, individuals, dependents or anyone covered by their place of work.
Using M-TIBA gives you access to various benefits
        1. You and your dependents can view and access your medical benefits on your phone and start treatment.
        2. Your transactions are secured through a PIN.
        3. You get an SMS notification every time you use your policy (Usage is real-time and balances are adjusted after every treatment.)
        4. You have full view of your benefit balances on your phone through M-TIBA.
        5. Access on your phone details of dependents listed under your benefit.
Your fingerprint and that of your dependent will be captured on your first visit to a service provider. Any subsequent visits will only require verification.
Only the main or principle member needs to be registered on M-TIBA. To access treatment, the dependents will provide the main member’s phone number and use their own fingerprint to verify the process.
Don’t worry. You will still be able to access treatment whether your phone is off or not. The treatment will be initiated by the service provider and verified through scanning your fingerprint.
All service providers who are listed on our panel accept M-TIBA.
One of the best parts of M-TIBA is that it does not utilize data or airtime.
Not at all. M-TIBA is accessed through USSD (*253#), therefore it can be accessed on any mobile phone.
We have tried to make access as easy as possible. No pre-authorization is required to use M-TIBA.
Newborn babies are covered from the moment they are discharged from hospital. To get your newborn baby under your cover, please reach out to AAR Insurance to know what you need.
We have made accessing service seamless and straightforward. Simply dial *253# on any network using the number registered on M-TIBA and follow the prompts guiding you to choose patient to be treated, benefit and make payment. You will then receive an in-app message and SMS with a transaction number.
In case the amount left in your benefit isn’t enough to cover your treatment, then you can pay the difference in cash.
After your benefit has been billed by the hospital, you will receive an SMS notification indicating the cost of the services, including medication.
Most certainly. Your dependents can access the AAR benefit by dialing *253# on their registered phone number and following the menu prompts to initiate treatment. If they do not have a phone number, they can go to the facility and provide your (primary member’s) phone number and be verified using their fingerprint. Your spouse’s phone number should be set up to access the benefit.

You can also authorize their treatment from wherever you are when they provide the clinic till number which is required to initiate treatment.
It is important to note that M-TIBA is not accessible out of the country or on roaming service.
Viewing your balance is easy. Simply dial *253# and follow the prompts. The balance will be displayed against each category i.e., Outpatient, Dental, Optical etc.
If your PIN has been compromised, it’s safer to change it. Simply dial *253#, enter your PIN, navigate to ‘Settings’ and choose the option to change your PIN then complete the process. An SMS confirming PIN change will be sent to you.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it by dialing *253#. Press 1 to confirm you have forgotten your PIN and enter the required details including your new PIN. An SMS confirming PIN change will be sent to you.

If you prefer, you may contact the AAR customer service for PIN reset on 0709 701000 or 0730 655000.

We’re carrying out a gradual migration of members onto M-TIBA. If you would like to be onboarded, please reach out to your Relationship Manager or call our customer service on +254 703 063000 or +254 730 633000.
You can only use one or the other. Once your account is activated on M-TIBA, your smart card is then deactivated.
You can explore our extensive list of approved service providers, which includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and specialized healthcare professionals by clicking here.
Our providers offer a wide range of medical services to cater to your needs. From preventive care to emergency services, rehabilitation, diagnostic services, dental and optical care, pharmaceutical assistance, maternal and child health services, and even wellness and nutrition programs. They have got you covered!
We want to ensure that you receive the best care possible, so we’ve carefully selected a network of trusted providers for you to choose from. You have the freedom to choose any medical service provider who is part of the AAR Insurance Accredited Panel of Providers.
Different medical service providers have different operating hours to suit your needs. While some offer round-the-clock services, others have specific hours. Just reach out to the provider you’re interested in to find out their operating hours. We’re here to help you get the care you deserve!
We have partnered with different providers who offer services 24/7. However, the operational hours vary from one provider to another depending on the service offered.
We strive to ensure that you get the best possible service. If you need any help regarding service providers, call 073063000 or 0703063000.
To request pre-authorization for a medical service or treatment, simply shoot us an email at medicalservices@aar.co.ke or at callcentre@aar.co.ke. Reach out, and we’ll take care of the rest!
Absolutely! We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts on the medical service providers. You can send us an email at info@aar.co.ke  or leave your reviews on our website.
If you require medical service while traveling outside the region or country, you can still access care based on the benefits outlined in your policy. We’ve got you covered. Just refer to your policy details for more information on your coverage while traveling.
When your policy is up for renewal, you will receive a reminder 90 days before your cove expires. It will include the amount due and the members covered under the policy. To continue with the same policy, simply pay your premiums before the cover lapses. You can do this through M-PESA, cheque, or bank transfer.
You most certainly can. Speak to your Relationship Manager, Agent or the customer service team to help with the scaling up process.
Yes, you may. You can scale down your policy through your Relationship Manager, Agent or the customer service team.
Yes, you may add dependents while renewing your policy. You will be needed to fill in a medical form and provide the necessary documents.
Your insurance policy lasts for one year from when you signed up. When it’s time to renew, we’ll send you a friendly email reminder. Just remember to mark your calendar and stay on top of your renewal date to avoid any gaps in coverage or other concerns. We’re here to make sure you’re covered without any hassle!
Sure! We’ve got some great perks for you! If you haven’t made any claims during your policy period, you may qualify for our No Claim Discount. It’s our way of rewarding your good record. We also have other exciting discounts and promotions that pop up now and then. Keep checking our website or get in touch with our customer service team to stay updated on the latest offers.
To renew your policy smoothly, we may need some updated information or documentation from you. It’s part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) process, designed to keep your details accurate and up to date. This helps us prevent any delays or complications when it comes to processing claims or making policy changes.
Our hiring process involves several steps to ensure we find the right fit. Once a vacancy arises and is advertised, candidates apply and a shortlisting is done. They are then taken through psychometrics tests, interviews, a background reference is done and if successful an offer letter is extended. After the acceptance of the offer letter, the candidate is pre-onboarded and appointed before being inducted.We also ensure to communicate with the unsuccessful candidates.
We strive to provide timely updates throughout the hiring process. As timelines may vary from one role to another based on several factors, we aim to communicate within 14 days.
Absolutely! We believe in fostering career growth and offering opportunities for career advancement for our team members.
At AAR Insurance, our company culture is all about fostering a supportive environment where everyone’s voice is valued, and employees are empowered to make decisions that positively impact both themselves and the organization. We are like a close-knit family, caring for and supporting each other.
You bet! At AAR Insurance, we offer training opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our aim is to support their growth and empower them to succeed in their roles.
We strive to create an environment where our staff can grow, thrive and reach their full potential. To enhance their knowledge and skill, we have implemented a curriculum-based training, and an online training platform dabbed AAR Academy, as well as sponsored professional courses. To ensure their wellbeing, we have a robust wellness program for our employees. We also offer our staff and their family a comprehensive medical cover ensuring their peace of mind.
We care about our employees and that’s why we offer a range of benefits and compensation packages to support their well-being. They include comprehensive medical coverage; WIBA/Group life cover; last expense cover for staff, declared dependents, and parents; subsidized medical cover for parents; and pension plans.
It’s simple. Just send your application and CV to hrdesk@aar.co.ke. We look forward to reviewing your application and exploring the potential of having you work with us. Good luck!

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