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No one ever plans to be sick, get an accident or get hurt but it happens anyway. Woe unto you if you have no medical insurance, the journey to get medical attention from here becomes a nightmare. It is worse if your financial muscles are unhealthy. 

With COVID-19 having dealt a good one on the economy, your finances notwithstanding, we know you would not mind saving an extra coin. Be assured, this will take you that extra mile – we do agree with you that these are hard times. 

As it is our policy – you are in control, our mission demands of us to empower you to take control of the things that matter most- like your finances. 

Below are 5 ways understanding your medical insurance can help you take control of your finances and make you rich. 

 1. Protects you from unexpected high medical expenses.

People without health coverage are exposed to high medical costs. This can sometimes lead people without coverage into deep debt or even into bankruptcy. 

For instance; 

  • Treating HPylori, probably acquired from drinking dirty water can cost you approximately Kes. 15,000/- to Kes. 20,000/-
  • If you or those covered under your name, get cancer diagnosis, they are likely to spend Kes. 50,000/- 100,000/- for treatment in one day. 
  • If you break your back or leg from an accident you are likely to pay Ksh. 700,000/- 1 million for treatment. 

With the above figures, medical insurance would come in handy and all you need to do is part with a monthly premium of Kes. 45,000/-. Saving the above money would take you an extra mile if not get you rich. 

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 2. Medical Inflation 

With Covid-19 affecting businesses, and the economy at large, a lot of investment is going into medical technology which may result in high medical costs. It’s also important to know that medical costs go beyond hospital bills. We have – doctor’s consultation, diagnosis tests, ambulance charges, operation theatre costs, medicines, room rent, etc. are also continually increasing. All of these could put a considerable strain on your finances if you are not adequately prepared. By paying a relatively affordable health insurance premium each year, you can beat the burden of medical inflation while opting for quality treatment, without worrying about how much it will cost you. 

You will find the right protection here https://aar-insurance.com/ke/aar-individual-medical-cover.html

 3. Protect Your Savings 

Spending on medical bills can leave you drained. However, with a suitable health insurance policy, you can better manage your expenditure without dipping into your savings. That way, you protect yourself and your family, and your future. 

Besides you safeguard your plan on growing rich as your savings can be used to buy things like stocks, land or even pay for higher education fees. Additionally, health insurance lets you avail of tax benefits, which further increases your savings

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 4. Stick with in-network providers.

While taking up your insurance, find out who are the in-network doctors and hospitals who participate in your insurance network – get to know them and stick to getting your services from them. This way, you may end up benefiting from low charges as opposed to doctors from outside your network.

Find our expansive network of providers here https://aar-insurance.com/ke/aar-medical-providers.html

 5. Make the most of it when you max out your deductible. 

Do you know you can max out your deductibles? Find out how from your insurance service provider. Once this is done- you are likely to pay less out of pocket for any healthcare you use above and beyond that. Therefore, use this chance to schedule appointments and get services at a decreased cost. 

Start your wellness journey here https://aar-insurance.com/ke/aar-individual-medical-cover.html