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Kelvin still has memories of his mobile phone, one he had just bought a few months to Christmas holidays. Thanks to a few minutes’ nap in the bus on the way home, someone took his precious phone. He is now reduced to using one that only allows him to make and receive calls and this doesn’t impress him, since, well it is nothing technology can boast about. If he had a Domestic Package ( DP), within a few days, he would be holding a replica of his phone. So what is a DP and how helpful it is?

Domestic Package refers to an insurance cover that is comprehensive, tailor-made and affordable that enables homeowners and tenants to enjoy the benefits of several policies in a single package.

Let us first understand what a home insurance cover otherwise known as a domestic package is. Home insurance cover refers to that insurance cover that protects the policyholder from interruptions with use of the home and all its contents. It benefits both landlords and tenants. 

What exactly is covered? For instance, if Kelvin had bought a DP, then the below would have been covered

  1. His house
  2. His personal belongings permanently in the house and those that he moves with.
  3. His Clothes, utensils among others

Why is this cover so important? 

For peace of mind. With this policy, all the risks that one can be exposed to owning certain items are highly managed. Furthermore, policyholders enjoy the stability that would otherwise have been distorted with just a loss of one or more things.

For premiums as little as 3k and as high as 19k, Kelvin could have been reinstated to that position he was enjoying for the use of his phone. Premiums here are a percentage of the value of items inside the home plus those that one moves with. Despite the rise in petty crimes that account for more than 75% of loss of gadgets, the uptake of this product is still wanting.

Did you know that AAR Insurance offers this product?

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