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Be in Charge of Your Own Security

Be in charge of your own security.            Security is an aspect so close to our hearts that all our activities are done with caution to keep us safe and secure. Ask a friend for help. While travelling, ask a friend to be going to your house once in a while […]

Factors To Consider When Taking A Home Insurance Cover

Since time immemorial and as far as during the ancient times, a home has been the most intimate part of any individual. This is perhaps because a home has always been a gathering place and shelter that provides a perfect sanctuary for providing escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Building a home is […]

How to Ensure Your Home is Safe for You and Your Children

Your home should be the one place where you and your children will be protected from harm. Young children can spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, so a healthy home environment is critical—and yet many hazards aren’t obvious. Experts advise that despite taking precaution and various safety and security tips, families should […]

Get That Domestic Package

Kelvin still has memories of his mobile phone, one he had just bought a few months to Christmas holidays. Thanks to a few minutes’ nap in the bus on the way home, someone took his precious phone. He is now reduced to using one that only allows him to make and receive calls and this doesn’t […]

Simple Things To Keep Your Home Safe

Ask a friend for help. While traveling, ask a friend to be going to your house once in a while to check on the place. Give him both your keys as your car might need to be moved. Leave your contacts so that you can be easily reachable. If you asked several people to be […]

Make The Most Of Your Space …

Your home is your small heaven. Whether big or small, your home is more than just a place where you go home to after a busy day at work or school. Our ever-busy lifestyles can tend to clutter our minds. With the hustle and bustle of life which range from the crazy traffic jams, to […]