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Your home is your small heaven. Whether big or small, your home is more than just a place where you go home to after a busy day at work or school. Our ever-busy lifestyles can tend to clutter our minds. With the hustle and bustle of life which range from the crazy traffic jams, to long queues at the supermarket or banking halls, there is usually so much to de-clutter from at the end of a long day and it does not help when space that is supposed to offer calmness and serenity is quite the opposite.

If for instance upon arrival at home after a long day the home feels uncomfortable, clustered or noisy, we can tend to feel unsettled and disconnected from our homes

Most often than not, those of us who dwell in rented spaces, be it a flat, apartment or urban dwellings often have to deal with limited space

The Living room is where you probably spend most of your time either relaxing or entertaining guests and working with a small area can be especially challenging because you have to strike a balance between making the room feel spacious and fitting all your belongings

You can, however, choose to look at your limited living space as a creative design opportunity by creatively adopting solutions that express your style.

The following tips will make your small space extraordinary, tasteful and welcoming 

1.     Use of Mirrors– Whether your room is big or small, light plays an important role in the design. When working with a small space, mirrors can enlarge spaces and reflect more light in the room, Boost light into your small space and add depth through mirrors which when placed correctly, can draw certain pleasant elements in the room as well as draw attention away from certain unpleasant elements. An important factor to consider when using mirrors for design is to ensure that what is being reflected is aesthetically pleasing. Avoid reflecting clutter or unpleasant sights and elements to the room

2.     Use of Ceilings – Contrary to popular belief that a ceiling is the last place that people look at when they get into a home, a ceiling is very significant in the design of your home, more so in a small space. Ceilings play a major role in creating a sense of freedom and space. This is because ceilings’ can determine how big or cluttered your space will feel. For instance, a small room with a low ceiling will feel cluttered. Therefore, the following should be considered

–        Consider a ceiling color that is brighter than the walls as lighter ceilings feel higher whereas darker ceilings feel darker and intimate. It is important to always ensure that the contrast between the ceiling colors is not very far off, e.g. a deep maroon wall with a white ceiling may not create an illusion of an enlarged room, whereas a lime green wall with a white ceiling will tend to feel more spacious. On the other hand, a white ceiling is easy to work with and popular because it complements almost every color shade. In addition, white reflects light, brightening the room and making it appear larger. White is also good at reflecting on other colors in the room.

3.     Use of wall colors.  When working with a small space, it is important to carefully select a color that will reflect light and add dimension and boost sophistication in a room. Choose bright colors such as white, off-whites, beiges, cream to create an illusion of a larger space. Soft hues tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light whereas neutral pallets create class and serenity in a small room.

4.     Accessorizing a small room– When designing your home, big or small, it is important to think of space in your home as a totality of all the shapes, elements, colors, light and space linked together to form a sequence that will form the look and feel of your space. Accessorizing a space is my all-time favorite hobby of all time. From picking the perfect centerpiece, to playing with artifacts and accessories, moving them from one place to another while blending different colors of accessories to complement the room is always fun. While beautiful accessories add character and personality in a room, it is important to avoid accessorizing the room too much. This is because too many decorations may end up looking like clutter and look too busy for the eye.

Accessories should be therefore about making a statement, bringing beauty and function to a room. Consider balancing size, texture, color, and overall sequence when accessorizing your small space.

Enjoy your small heaven.

Your living room, regardless of size should be able to function as space for relaxation and entertainment. Whether big or small, it can still look stylish and a little mini heaven for you and your guests