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Since time immemorial and as far as during the ancient times, a home has been the most intimate part of any individual. This is perhaps because a home has always been a gathering place and shelter that provides a perfect sanctuary for providing escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Building a home is a lifetime investment. Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own home, you invest a lot of resources and time to transform your home into a little heaven that you can enjoy for you, your family and those close to you.

Considering that we put a lot of effort and investment towards our homes and the treasures that come with it, it is then important to ensure that we have peace of mind that our home, property as well as all the treasures in it are well covered in case of any eventualities.

Enjoy peace of mind

Uncertainties in life can often feel like the greatest hurdle to our happiness. The fact that anything can happen at any time can make us a bit unsettled of the fear of unknown.  An insurance policy is one of those items that you don’t really bother to follow up with until   you need it. For example, if your house or property was completely destroyed by fire how would you replace it without insurance.  On the other hand, a sudden earthquake or even vandalism can cause imbalance on what we are otherwise used to. A home insurance cover is therefore crucial as it will cushion you and your family against the following;

  1. A standard policy should cover you for natural calamities and unforeseen situations such as, wind, storms, explosion, floods and damage that has been caused by criminal activity such as vandalism
  2. A landlords’ insurance will cover the structure of property including floors and  fixtures
  3. A Good policy will also cover all the items within your home such as laptops, electrical items, furniture, jewelry, mobile phones etc.
  4. The cover will also cover for fire and burglary as well as accidental damage and theft of items when you are away from your home
  5. Homeowners insurance solution will cover you against legal liability to you as the employer from accidental death occurring to your domestic employees, including funeral expenses, while in their normal duties.

Having a home insurance policy won’t prevent damage to your home or belongings, but it may help provide a financial safety net should the unexpected occur. If you have a homeowners’ insurance policy in place, you may be better equipped to weather a storm or crisis — knowing that your homeowners’ insurance will help cover the cost of damage and get on your feet again.