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Have you ever been so inconvenienced by your luggage after reaching your destination that you wish you packed lighter? The following travel hacks will ensure that your journey is smooth all the way.


Pack all the required documents. You’re I.D, cash and credit cards, itinerary, reservations, tour contact, transportation ticket and emergency contacts. Email yourself all those documents in the event that they get lost you can be able to access them online. Most importantly do not forget to pack your travel insurance as it will help you recover from any loss that might arise during the trip.


Be positive and avoid always packing for the worst case scenario .If clothes are of the same color family carry only one or two of them .Pack more tops than bottoms. Include clothes that can be accessorized and worn for different occasions. Choose materials that resist wrinkles and are versatile. Such include knits, wools, cotton and chiffons. Pack light colored clothes inside out.

Get a mini travel bag.

Prepare a travel bag with a few essentials that you can easily access apart from your main travel bag.

Let’s pack those clothes.

Roll softer garments that cannot easily crease and fold stiffer ones such as blazers. The rolled garments should be the first in your suitcase followed by the folded garments. Start with the longest alternating waist with hems. Next, lay collars of shorter items, like shirts, at the hinge with the ends over the handles. Fold the collars and ends over once and fold the arms in. Top the pile with the type of clothes that you will need fast. Your belts should be around the perimeter of your bag.

 Packing Shoes.

Pack one casual shoe; wear one and pack one or two more. Don’t bring shoes that you have never worn on a trip because they might be uncomfortable. Staff shoes with sunglasses and electronics such as chargers as they usually have spaces in between.

Beauty essentials.

Put you lotion, face cream and other staff into smaller bottles and buy sample size toothpaste. Count the number of pills that you will need from your description do not carry the entire bottle.

Place hair products and skin products separately in little different bags inside the suitcase or different departments of the suitcase.


Download the book you will want to read instead of carrying the hard copy.

Choose suitcase appropriately.

Invest in a modern suitcase. They are usually lighter; some have expandable sides, stronger zee pers, more compartments and stronger wheels compared to older models.

Uncertainties in life can often feel like the greatest hurdle to our happiness. The fact that anything can happen at any time can make us a bit unsettled of the fear of unknown.  An insurance policy is one of those items that you don’t really bother to follow up with until   you need it. For example, if your house or property was completely destroyed by fire how